Your plan: A unique bike adventure on the BLOCKLINE

15 stages are waiting for you. Plan your biking time on the BLOCKLINE here.

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As Long as You Like

The BLOCKLINE can be ridden by anyone - the shortest of the 15 stages is 3.7 km long, the longest 13.7 km. Arrange your own daily stages, ride one of the three loops of 53, 52 and 66 km or ride the 140 km in one piece.

On this page you will find the various options and all the important information on how to get there.

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Route and Signage

The BLOCKLINE is a fully signposted bike route. It runs counterclockwise. You can start anywhere, preferably at one of the BLOCKLINE portals or one of the BLOCKLINE accommodations. The signs with a dark green B on a yellow background show the way.

Full Support with the Starter Package

The route is especially fun with the BLOCKLINE starter pack. It contains, among other things, your adventure handbook, the BLOCKLINE neck gaiter and numerous tips for your adventure.

The starter packs can be ordered and shipped in advance or collected on site.

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Plant Euer eigenes BLOCKLINE-Abenteuer

Was soll im Zentrum Eurer Reise stehen?

Die BLOCKLINE als Standorttour genießen

The BLOCKLINE can also be experienced from permanent accommodation. Choose a suitable BLOCKLINE Inn here and ride a loop or the entire route of the BLOCKLINE.

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Die BLOCKLINE als Etappentour entdecken

Divide the 15 stages of the BLOCKLINE in the way that suits you best. Choose between proposals from two to five days. You can make a non-binding booking request for an overnight stay.

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Spezielle Angebote

There are a number of special offers to choose from for your overnight stay along the route. Secure special prices at individual BLOCKLINE Inns or book a guided tour as a daily offer!

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Unsere Vorschläge für die Aufteilung der BLOCKLINE:
Wie viele Fahrtage möchtet Ihr planen?

The choice of the division of stages is entirely up to you. You can decide where and when you want to start. You can also split your BLOCKLINE adventure over several weekends or holiday weeks. Your luggage will be transported reliably with a transfer from one inn to the next on a stage tour.

Die BLOCKLINE in 2 Tagen

Splitting the BLOCKLINE into two days is the perfect sporting challenge for a weekend.

Die BLOCKLINE in 3 Tagen

The optimal mixture of enjoyment and challenge awaits you on a three-day tour.

Die BLOCKLINE in 4 Tagen

You want to ride the BLOCKLINE on two weekends or do you want to be on the road for several days at a time? Then choose this variant with four daily stages.

Die BLOCKLINE in 5 Tagen

This stage planning leaves enough time to enjoy everything in peace. The little adventurers are also welcome here!

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Das Formelle zum Schluss

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Spezielle Angebote der BLOCKLINE

Jugendherberge Frauenstein

3 Tage Familienauszeit

2 Übernachtungen, 3 Aufenthaltstage

Den Alltag hinter sich lassen und neue Lieblingsplätze entdecken: all das findet ihr direkt vor der Haustüre der Jugendherberge Frauenstein, direkt an der BLOCKLINE (Loop 2, Etappe 8). Sichert euch jetzt das Familien-Vorteilsangebot in Frauenstein zum Gesamtpreis von nur 244 € inkl. Frühstück für maximal zwei Erwachsene und maximal drei Kinder bis 17 Jahre.

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BIKE Special

Attention curve friends! If you want pure adrenaline, then the Waldhotel Bad Einsiedel (Seiffen) is the right place for you. Enjoy 3 days of curve feeling and beautiful trips on the BLOCKLINE

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Wie viele Fahrtage möchtet Ihr planen?

If you want to ride the entire route in one day, the choice is yours! All of the BLOCKLINE Inns are close to the route and are good starting points. Here you`ll  find all BLOCKLINE INNs

If you want to travel the entire route in two days, you can use the Freiberg railway as a transfer. You start in Holzhau and drive to Mulda (stage 1-8) and get on the train to Holzhau. The train runs regularly, including weekends. So you can take the train back to Mulda on day 2 and take the second half of the route (stages 8-15) back to Holzhau.

BLOCKLINE Inns in Holzhau und Mulda

Mit der Standorttour für drei Fahrtage und zwei Übernachtungen entdeckt Ihr die drei Loops der BLOCKLINE und damit die gesamte Strecke ohne den ständigen Wechsel von Unterkünften.View package now

Tips for the journey

The BLOCKLINE is located in the east of the Ore Mountains – between Seiffen, world-famous for its wood art, and the winter sports centre of Altenberg.

Arrival by ...

All BLOCKLINE Stages at a Glance


Blockline Bike-Loop 1 Complete Overview

Stage 1Holzhau Neuhermsdorf9,2 km273 m136 mMore Information
Stage 2NeuhermsdorfRehefeld-Zaunhaus5,8 km103 m148 mMore Information
Stage 3Rehefeld-ZaunhausZinnwald6,9 km213 m22 mMore Information
Stage 4ZinnwaldAltenberg 6,5 km52 m151 mMore Information
Stage 5Altenberg Bärenfels9,7 km128 m231 mMore Information
Stage 6BärenfelsHermsdorf8,9 km237 m219 mMore Information
Transit: End Loop 1HermsdorfHolzhau 6,5 km148 m256 mMore Information

Blockline Bike-Loop 2 Complete Overview

Transit: Start Loop 2Holzhau Hermsdorf6,5 km256 m148 mMore Information
Stage 7HermsdorfFrauenstein12,3 km140 m207 mMore Information
Stage 8FrauensteinBlockhausen13,7 km273 m381 mMore Information
Stage 9BlockhausenKreuztanne13 km276 m122 mMore Information
Transit: End Loop 2KreuztanneHolzhau 10,2 km122 m224 mMore Information

Blockline Bike-Loop 3 Complete Overview

Transit: Start Loop 3Holzhau Kreuztanne10,2 km218 m121 mMore Information
Stage 10KreuztanneMortelgrund7,7 km104 m218 mMore Information
Stage 11MortelgrundNeuhausen3,7 km79 m127 mMore Information
Stage 12NeuhausenSeiffen13,3 km326 m222 mMore Information
Stage 13SeiffenSchwartenberg9 km210 m111 mMore Information
Stage 14SchwartenbergCämmerswalde10,9 km145 m248 mMore Information
Stage 15CämmerswaldeHolzhau 11,4 km197 m235 mMore Information

You still have questions?

All questions about the BLOCKLINE are answered on the FAQ and help page: Where can we rent bikes? Does the BLOCKLINE have a luggage transfer service? There you will find tips on planning and booking as well as specific answers about the right equipment and starter packages.

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