Your plan: 140 km of biking adventure on the BLOCKLINE

Whether all at once or in three separate loops. Plan your biking adventure on the BLOCKLINE here.

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As Long as You Like

The BLOCKLINE can be ridden by anyone - either all 140 km at once, in three loops of 52, 53 and 66 km or in individual stages (between 3.7 and 13.7 km).

You can find all the information about the possibilities of the route division in the overview on this page.

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Route and Signage

The BLOCKLINE is a fully signposted bike route. It runs counterclockwise. You can start anywhere, preferably at one of the BLOCKLINE portals or one of the BLOCKLINE accommodations. The signs with a dark green B on a yellow background show the way.

Full Support with the Starter Package

The route is especially fun with the BLOCKLINE starter pack. It contains, among other things, your adventure handbook, the BLOCKLINE neck gaiter and numerous tips for your adventure.

The starter packs can be ordered and shipped in advance or collected on site.

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All BLOCKLINE Stages at a Glance


Blockline Bike-Loop 1 Complete Overview

Stage 1HolzhauNeuhermsdorf9,2 km273 m136 mMore Information
Stage 2NeuhermsdorfRehefeld-Zaunhaus5,8 km103 m148 mMore Information
Stage 3Rehefeld-ZaunhausZinnwald6,9 km213 m22 mMore Information
Stage 4ZinnwaldAltenberg6,5 km52 m151 mMore Information
Stage 5AltenbergBärenfels9,7 km128 m231 mMore Information
Stage 6BärenfelsHermsdorf8,9 km237 m219 mMore Information
Transit: End Loop 1HermsdorfHolzhau6,5 km148 m256 mMore Information

Blockline Bike-Loop 2 Complete Overview

Transit: Start Loop 2HolzhauHermsdorf6,5 km256 m148 mMore Information
Stage 7HermsdorfFrauenstein12,3 km140 m207 mMore Information
Stage 8FrauensteinBlockhausen13,7 km273 m381 mMore Information
Stage 9BlockhausenKreuztanne13 km276 m122 mMore Information
Transit: End Loop 2KreuztanneHolzhau10,2 km122 m224 mMore Information

Blockline Bike-Loop 3 Complete Overview

Transit: Start Loop 3HolzhauKreuztanne10,2 km218 m121 mMore Information
Stage 10KreuztanneMortelgrund7,7 km104 m218 mMore Information
Stage 11MortelgrundNeuhausen3,7 km79 m127 mMore Information
Stage 12NeuhausenSeiffen13,3 km326 m222 mMore Information
Stage 13SeiffenSchwartenberg9 km210 m111 mMore Information
Stage 14SchwartenbergCämmerswalde10,9 km145 m248 mMore Information
Stage 15CämmerswaldeHolzhau11,4 km197 m235 mMore Information

Tips for the journey

The BLOCKLINE is located in the east of the Ore Mountains – between Seiffen, world-famous for its wood art, and the winter sports centre of Altenberg.

Arrival by car

Dresden is 45 minutes away by car. Prague is 90 minutes away, Leipzig 1:45 h. Bayreuth and Erfurt are each 2:30 h away, Berlin, Magdeburg and Nuremberg are three hours away. From Hanover, Kassel, Fulda and Munich it is about four hours.

Arrival by train

You can take the Freiberg railway from Freiberg to Mulda and Holzhau, two perfect places to start the BLOCKLINE. In Freiberg you have connections to Chemnitz and Dresden.
Geising and Altenberg are the train stations to the east of the line. The Müglitztalbahn runs here from Heidenau to the Osterzgebirge.

Taking bicycles on the train

You can take your bike with you on the Freiberger Eisenbahn trains free of charge! As the number of seats is limited, please book in advance, the same applies to groups. The trains also run regularly on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, you can find the exact times in the timetable.

You still have questions?

All questions about the BLOCKLINE are answered on the FAQ and help page. There you will find tips on planning and booking as well as specific answers about the right equipment and starter packages.

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Blockline Bike Tour Ore Mountains track
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The BLOCKLINE is located in the east of the Ore Mountains and takes you through ever-changing scenery. Plan, divide and discover the BLOCKLINE, as you like it: In three loops or 15 individual stages. The lovingly designed adventure manual accompanies you from the beginning. During the tour you will be provided with exciting information about the nature and history of the Ore Mountains.

The BLOCKLINE is for everyone who wants to get out into nature and is ready to experience an adventure with their bike.

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Are you ready for the 2022 BLOCKLINE season?
- 29 April - 31 October -

Spring is coming to the Ore Mountains: the sun is shining warmer and warmer and the snow is melting. This also brings the start of the season closer!

You want to experience a bike adventure in 2022? Then start planning!

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