Water, forests and flowering mountain meadows: A world like something out of a Mark Twain novel.

Blooming flower carpets of sweet alyssum welcome you from high above Rechenberg. The heat-loving plant apparently feels at home on the sunny south wall of the castle rocks. Not much is left of the old castle. Only a few ruins of the walls give an idea of its history.

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The third loop of the BLOCKLINE takes you south to Cämmerswalde and past the pond meadows near Neuhausen, the home of a miniature dragon called the pond newt. In Neuhausen, the record-breaking nutcracker brothers of impressive size greet you before continuing on to the toy and Christmas land of Seiffen.

Past the highlights of Seiffen and Schwartenberg, you will pass through the forests around Frauenbach. Large open spaces in the forests provide a special habitat for a specialized bird species. Here the black grouse has one of its last homes in the Ore Mountains.

On the way to the starting point Holzhau, you cross a small salt water stream. The brooklet collects water to lead it to the Rauschenbach and later into the Flöha. The wet spring meadows are rich in species: narrow-leaved cotton grass, forest horsetail, bloodroot cinquefoil, marsh marigold, rough-haired calf's crocus and marsh bugleweed are just a few species that grow in the wetland at the Fischerbaude.

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Christmas Land and Toy Corner of Seiffen

Seiffen has become world famous as the "Toymaking Village of the Ore Mountains." Households all over Germany have a Smoking Man, a Pyramid or a Candle Arch from the small town in the Ore Mountains.

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Schwartenberg: Stunning views.

At just under 787 meters, it is one of the highest peaks in the Eastern Ore Mountains: it rises from the earth like a flat pyramid. No forest, only wide meadows surround the summit and offer a magnificent panoramic view.

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For a long time it was considered lost: The endangered otter has been seen at the Rauschenbach Dam and its tributary streams. In winter, access to open waters is essential for its survival. The areas around the dam are important for the rare predator.

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Blockline Bike-Loop 3 Complete Overview

Transit: Start Loop 3HolzhauKreuztanne10,2 km218 m121 mMore Information
Stage 10KreuztanneMortelgrund7,7 km104 m218 mMore Information
Stage 11MortelgrundNeuhausen3,7 km79 m127 mMore Information
Stage 12NeuhausenSeiffen13,3 km326 m222 mMore Information
Stage 13SeiffenSchwartenberg9 km210 m111 mMore Information
Stage 14SchwartenbergCämmerswalde10,9 km145 m248 mMore Information
Stage 15CämmerswaldeHolzhau11,4 km197 m235 mMore Information

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The BLOCKLINE is located in the east of the Ore Mountains - between Seiffen, world famous for its wood art, and the winter sports center of Altenberg. Dresden is 45 minutes away by car. Prague is 90 minutes away and Leipzig 1:45 h. Bayreuth and Erfurt are 2:30 h each, Berlin and Magdeburg are three hours away. In the west, all stations between Mulda (Saxony) and Holzhau ski lift are available to get on the Blockline. Geising and Altenberg stations are located on the eastern side of the route.

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