Delicate works of art made of gigantic wood and rattling mills on the rushing stream


With a powerful squeal and roar, the giant wooden water wheels drive the mills in the Gimmlitz Valley. They spew out curtains of clear water. The hammers and mortars of the grinding and pounding mills create enormous forces that a human being alone could not muster.


Enormous forces are also developed by the screeching chainsaws, which carve amazingly intricate works of art from the gigantic blocks of wood at the annual chainsaw world championships. In Blockhausen, you are immersed in a gigantic fantasy settlement made of wood, in the middle of the private forest of the Martin family. A comparably large collection of wooden sculptures probably can't be found anywhere else. The highlight is the 40-meter-long table. Carved from a single tree trunk, it is in the Guinness Book of Records.

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The Gimmlitz Valley is also called the "Valley of the Mills". 23 clattering, rushing water mills stood along the course of the river around 1900. Today, five of the mills are still standing and functioning. The Gimmlitz carries very clean water and has a very natural course. For 25 kilometers, the valley stretches without a major settlement near its banks.

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The monumental wooden statues of Blockhausen lead the Blockline through Mulda. The town lies in the valley of the Freiberg Mulde and was known early on as a watchmaker's and violin maker's village. Later this gave way to basket weaving. The floodplain areas of the Mulde and Chemnitzbach rivers stretch far and wide. Birds of prey love the region: buzzard, kestrel, sparrow hawk and also red kite circle over the meadows and look out for mouse and field hamster.

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In Dorfchemnitz, the water has a difficult path: Via two overflows, the water from the millrace shoots into the paddles and sets the two water wheels in motion. One wheel drives the bellows and makes the forge fire blaze. The second water wheel makes the forge hammer knock tirelessly. The "Eisenhammer" is one of the oldest handicraft businesses in Saxony.

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Blockline is located in the east of the Ore Mountains - between Seiffen, world famous for its wood art, and the winter sports center of Altenberg. Dresden is 45 minutes away by car. Prague is 90 minutes away and Leipzig 1:45 h. Bayreuth and Erfurt are 2:30 h each, Berlin and Magdeburg are three hours away. In the west, all stations between Mulda (Saxony) and Holzhau ski lift are available to get on the Blockline. Geising and Altenberg stations are located on the eastern side of the route.