Your Blockline Route

A red kite soars elegantly in the sky.
At the edge of the forest - there, in the grass - two deer.
Take a breath, feel. Out here you are free.

Three extraordinary adventure loops await you on a total of 140 kilometers of circuit: full of freedom, longing and adventure.


Enjoy the sensational panoramic view on the basalt cone of the freestanding Schwartenberg, explore the valley of the water mills and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of wood art in Blockhausen.

Ride the entire route (here is the GPS data) or choose your loop - below you will find all stages and routes:

Blockline Bike Loop 1: 53 km - 1,140 elevation change

Blockline family vacation Saxony

Holzhau » Altenberg » Hermsdorf » Holzhau

Blockline Bike-Loop 2: 52 km - 1,010 elevation change


Holzhau » Frauenstein » Blockhausen » Kreuztanne » Holzhau

Blockline Bike-Loop 3: 66 km - 1,240 elevation change

Holzhau » Kreuztanne » Seiffen » Neuhausen » Holzhau

Blockline Bike Tour Ore Mountains Route

The Blockline is located in the east of the Ore Mountains - between Seiffen, world famous for its wood art, and the winter sports center of Altenberg. Dresden is 45 minutes away by car. Prague is 90 minutes away and Leipzig 1:45 h. Bayreuth and Erfurt are 2:30 h each, Berlin and Magdeburg are three hours away. In the west, all stations between Mulda (Saxony) and Holzhau ski lift are available to get on the Blockline. Geising and Altenberg stations are located on the eastern side of the route.



Current situation

The impact of Covid-19 on tourism and our planned events is difficult for all of us to predict.

But one thing is certain: The BLOCKLINE is already waiting for you with a fully signposted route. We are ready for you to experience the BlOCKLINE from now on!

Let's go, local families and local recreationists, try it out: Check out the loops here and plan your adventure here.
Enjoy the BLOCKLINE with your household, please pay attention to the Corona requirements and stay healthy!

If we have our way, you can test the BLOCKLINE as a complete package from July, including a cool adventure manual.

Hold on tight, we also have great guided tours planned. You can register directly for our Loop Saturdays here:
12 June - Loop 1: Holzhau-Altenberg-Holzhau
19 June - Loop 2: Holzhau-Frauenstein-Blockhausen-Holzhau
26 June - Loop 3: Holzhau-Seiffen-Holzhau

According to the Corona Emergency Braking Act, the guided tours can only be conducted if the incidence levels in the county are permanently below 100. If this is the case, we are ready and very much looking forward to riding the BLOCKLINE with you.

Otherwise, we are looking forward to everything working out and being able to celebrate the official opening party together with you.

On 9 July the start / finish portal of the BLOCKLINE in Holzhau will be officially inaugurated by the invited guests.

On 10 July we invite you all to ride the BLOCKLINE and experience the many great activities at our BLOCKLINE Inns and partners.

We look forward to celebrating with you and welcoming you to the BLOCKLINE!